Fashion for table silver returns

Even ancient Egypt with silver objects was highly appreciated. Archaeologists were able to find many beautiful silver products during excavations of pyramids and inside the ruins of the cities of ancient times. At that time, silver was given a higher assessment than gold due to its rarity, a difficult process of extracting it.

Silver was valued in Rus’. In a place of honor in Russian history and traditions, there was silver dishes, the story of which went in the depths of centuries.

It is not necessary to think that silver cutlery are now acquired by those who want to highlight their social status in society or their significance in the eyes of those who surround. Now, thanks to their durability, silver products have a high level of popularity. Everything that happens with silver forks and knives from time to time is the appearance of a plaque. Silver cleaning from it is carried out at home or in special antique workshops.

Когда люди не применяли мыло или иные обеззараживающие средства, в тот период времени ценилось наличие высоких бактерицидных качеств столового серебра. Dishes from it were produced only for royal people and nobility. During the campaign, military bosses used silver dishes so that intestinal diseases would not appear.

Now many enterprises and firms make items of silver cutlery. They are done with patterns, perform engraving, blackening, covered with gilding. Objects for silver canteen are able to satisfy the desires of even the most capricious collectors, they bring to life more festive mood and luxury, and a simple dinner in the family circle can turn into an evening complemented by the features of the time when bourgeois and aristocracy dominated.

Family cutlery made of silver, which could be used the most significant day, at celebrations, stored in many houses not so long ago. The tradition of using all possible sets, including silver devices now begin to revive, mainly because they have a bright severe bactericidal effect. Using silver dining room every day, you can save the state of health.

Can be called indefinitely the components of silver dining rooms. These are plates with jugs, glasses with cup holders, bowls with cups, glasses with silver fierers.