5 types of gadgets for effective weight loss in the new year!

The problem of losing weight for many becomes especially acute after the New Year holidays.  Salads and cakes do their black deed, delaying extra pounds on our sides. In this article we will tell you how to effectively lose weight with modern technologies.

This beast is quite new, which has not yet gained mass popularity in our area, but in vain. This gadget contains enormous potential for effective weight loss. Let’s figure out what we get by purchasing smart floor scales.

First. Smart scales provide an analysis of not only the weight itself, but also analyze other important characteristics of your body. So, most models have the function of measuring the percentage of adipose tissue. This function is already worth it to purchase smart scales.  With its help, you can effectively build your diet and training plan. If you are not enough analysis of fat deposits, then many smart-wing smarts offer to measure the weight of bone, muscle tissue, the percentage of water in the body.

OK, what gives us in practice. Suppose you already have scales with all analyzers. In this case, you can judge on the basis of the received data on the percentage of subcutaneous fat whether the training week has passed effectively. So, if the percentage of fat increased, and the weight decreased, then you need to change something, because you burn your muscles and drain the water that we do not need. If the percentage of fat decreases, then you need to continue in the same spirit.

Second, visual analytics. The gadget, working in tandem with your smartphone, will provide you with visual graphs on the basis of which you can understand how effective the diet and training is. To adjust your plan to achieve the maximum result as a result.

Third, personal recommendations. Often, many scales are equipped with an application that, based on the data obtained, will give personal recommendations on diet and training.

Among the manufacturers of smart scales can be distinguished by withings (Nokia unit) and ihealth (Apple unit) if you look for a budget solution, pay attention to Xiaomi. You can buy and read detailed reviews in the Smart Libra store – Smart -Gadget.Club.  For our readers, a promotional code is offered – Womenworld, enter it when ordering and get a 5% discount. Promo code validity up to 31.12.2016

Gadget No. 2 – kitchen scales with calorie counting

The name itself already reflects the essence of the gadget. Its functionality is simple and effective: you weigh the product, the data is transmitted to the smartphone, where you indicate that it was you who weighed. After the application, it itself calculates the number of calories that you have to eat. It has already built its own base of products, but if necessary, you yourself can add the missing. Thus, you can clearly control how much and what you ate, even before you did it. Without control of your calorie content, one cannot even think about losing weight so that this occupation is not so tiring, and come up with such scales.

Gadget No. 3 – trackers drunk water

Compliance with water balance is an important element of effective weight loss. Saturation with water will create a feeling of necessary satiety and the desire to eat excess to decrease.  Water will help you keep your muscles in tone for more effective training. In order not to forget to drink water on time, you can use applications and introduce every glass of water drunk yourself, or you can use the hydraulic region, which will be followed and reminding everything yourself if you forgot to make water reception. Pryme Vessyl 2nd Edition bowl will not only track how many liquids you drink, but also calculate the calorie content of the drunk. The composition of the drink, it determines itself fully automatically.

Gadget No. 4-fitness trackers

These gadgets won millions of hearts around the world and for no reason, the efficiency of training from their use is growing, the motivation to work is more diligent increased. Fitness trackers collect all possible data on the state of your body in life and in training, all data are transmitted to a smartphone where you can observe it in the form of beautiful graphs. Pares with a Tabato-Tiemer, trackers significantly increase training performance, not allowing to be distracted. There are different types of trackers for fitness, running, swimming, etc.D.  Want to gain total control over your body, then start choosing a fitness bracelet.

Gadget No. 5 – Smart Skakakhatkatangram Smart Rope

No effective weight loss can do without good cardio training. Craps have long been respected among athletes for their excellent qualities in terms of increasing endurance and fat -burning effect. Of course, you can use a classic rope from the nearest sports goods store, but it will never give as much motivation as Tangram Smart Rope, which will form a picture with the number of jumps or calories, depending on previously set settings. Naturally, all your successes are immediately entered in the application where you can track your progress.


If you seriously decided to lose weight in the new year and you are looking for an assistant in this difficult matter, then you should take a closer look at modern fortunes that make the process not so sad, and at times even an interesting occupation.