Asia in the plate of land

Despite the statement that we eat in order to live, and do not live, so as to eat, I should admit that sometimes we so want something tasty. Make a variety in a traditional diet, try overseas dishes and compare their taste with those that we are used to is a very pleasant experiment, which must be carried out from time to time to obtain vivid emotions from life.

One of the representatives of the food of Asian countries is the widespread sushi we have. Restaurants offering this dish on the menu are a great many, which does not stop growing. And if you are not yet familiar with this diet, then we advise you to try to know for sure – you are treated with admirers or hateers of this culinary creation.

We are used to seeing traditional ingredients for land, such as fish, algae nori and rice. But it is interesting that the cereal initially served to preserve fish. Her fresh salted, mixed with rice and placed under stones used as a press. A few weeks later, the stones were replaced by a lid and the fermentation process lasted for several months. This method of conservation made it possible not to deteriorate fish throughout the year. The only negative is an unpleasant odor and an unattractive type of rice that was thrown out after that. Now pickled fish is cooked only in Japan and this dish is called Naredzushi.

Later, in the 17th century, a new culinary creation appeared based on rice. It included directly boiled cereal, malt, seafood and vegetables. To exclude the fermentation process, rice vinegar was added to the fish, which did not allow it to deteriorate. Such innovations were aimed at reducing cooking, while maintaining a pure original taste.

Sushi, as we know them now, came up with a cook Yohei Hanai. In the 19th century, he tried to eat raw fish wrapped in rice with the addition of vinegar. Since then, the principle of preparation has not changed, but only more and more types and ingredients appear. You can make this dish and independently, what a set for cooking sushi will help you, which includes all the most necessary so that the taste of your creation does not differ from the diet that is served in Chinese and Japanese restaurants.

If you follow your weight, then sushi is the food that will not add extra kilograms to you, but at the same time it will help to get enough and bring pleasure from consumption. Additional ingredients to this dish, such as pickled ginger and acute basabi sauce contribute to increasing the digestive tract and improving metabolism.