Rent of apartments in Stuttgart Germany


In order to inspect the sights of Stuttgart, you need to linger in it for several days, and it is more profitable and more convenient to rent apartments, and not rent a hotel room.

Traveling in Germany are for many Russians who are already accustomed to hold their legal vacation abroad of our homeland, quite familiar business. There are so many attractions in this European country, and in order to get acquainted with at least the main of them, it is necessary to thoroughly shake it on it. Upon arrival in any city, of course, it is necessary to stop somewhere, and, as practice shows, renting rooms in hotels is most often quite expensive. Fortunately for travelers, you can rent apartments in Germany quite easily, and it is much cheaper than hotel accommodation. This fully applies to such an interesting city as Stuttgart.

It is located in the federal land of Baden-Würtenberg and is its administrative center. Stuttgart has been conducting its history since the time of the Roman Empire, when the Bad-Kanstat fortress, which controlled the close trade routes, was built in the territory where it is now spread out, the fortress of the nearby. During the Middle Ages, Stuttgart was the capital of Elector, Duchy and Kingdom of Würtemburg.

Today, this city in terms of population (about 600,000 people) ranks sixth in Germany and is one of its most important economic, cultural and tourist centers. It is in Stuttgart that the headquarters of such well-known automakers as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are located. In addition, there are one of the largest exhibition centers in Germany, the stock exchange (the second largest and significance after the Frankfurt) and the International Airport.

Betgart is rich in architectural attractions, which are of considerable interest for tourists. With the help of Eurotours, apartments can be removed there easily and quickly, they will cost cheaper than hotel rooms, so those travelers who decide to stay in this city for several days to enjoy its beauties often stop in the private sector.


Experienced travelers advise looking for suitable options for renting apartments in Stuttgart via the Internet. There are many specialized resources on the network, on which you can find temporary housing in this German city, and most likely it will not work to remove it directly from the owners. In addition, in most cases, it makes sense to choose a refuge closer to the outskirts of the city or even in its closest suburbs: the fact is that rental rates for apartments in its center are practically no different from those that operate in local hotels.

It should be noted that German legislation very clearly regulates all issues regarding housing rental. A contract is concluded between the landlord and the tenant, and its prerequisite is the presence of the last bank account. It should be borne in the fact that the tenant may require a deposit even if he is instilled in the apartment for only a few days.

Successfully solving the problem of providing yourself with a roof over your head, you can examine the sights of Stuttgart. Those of them that are worthy of special attention include the old and new castles, the building of the railway station, the Kevigsbau Palace, as well as the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums.

In recent years, Russian tourists, like their Western European “colleagues”, have been striving to adhere to the saving regime during their travels. Renting apartments, studios, villas and cottages, they spend a minimum of funds and at the same time get a great degree of freedom than stopping in the hotels. In addition, they have the opportunity to feel at home, even being in a foreign country.