Chicken cutlets with cheese culinary recipe with photo

To prepare chicken cutlets with cheese, you will need a chicken fillet-500-600 grams, one egg, four pieces of bread, one hundred grams of cheese, milk or cream-50-70 grams, salt, flour or panning crackers.

The preparation process is as follows. In cream or milk, you need to soak bread. In the blender, chicken fillet is crushed, adding an egg there and twist again. After that, slightly salted the mass and mix with bread, scrolling slightly again with a blender.

Next, cut the cheese into small cubes. We take a small amount of minced meat in the hand and make a cake from it. In the event that the minced meat is a little liquid, the cake is slightly dwell on flour. After that, put a few pieces of cheese, make a ball and add it like a cutlet. Then roll the cutlet in flour again.

The cutlet is fried in sunflower oil on both sides until it acquires a golden color and is brought under the lid until cooked within 2-3 minutes.