Choose car mats

Any car owner who has just bought a brand new car is faced with the problem of buying additional accessories. We are talking about the installation of alarm, protection of the crankcase, rugs, as well as covers and many other goods. It is worth noting that car rugs are for trunk and for the salon.


Rugs are universal and made for a certain model. Universal are suitable for most standard salons, and the second group, respectively, is executed on order for a specific brand and car model. There are two main types of mats under the model:

1. Original. The supply of these products comes from Europe. Made from materials of the highest quality. Original ones are often not adapted to Russian dirt conditions and a large number of puddles. There are no sides in them, and they have a high cost. Therefore, the purchase of such a product for use in Russia does not make much sense.

2. Non -original. There are three types: rubber, textile, as well as polyurethane.

Polyurethane are sales leaders in Russia. Despite their high cost, they are rightfully in great demand. Of the advantages of this category, one can distinguish:

Easy to clean;

wear -resistant;

do not jar;

do not dry out in the cold;

Three times easier than rubber models;

devoid of bad smell, unlike rubber;

They have a variety of colors.

Pros of textile rugs:

easily shake off;

The dirt does not roll;

aesthetic appearance;


The main disadvantages include the fact that they dry for a long time after cleaning and cannot hold a lot of moisture in themselves.

Luggage models

Gags for trunk are produced polyurethane or plastic. Plastic ones have low cost and are considered not very practical. Their main goal is to protect the luggage carpet from incoming moisture and dirt. Polyurethane rugs are higher in price, but their practicality is significantly different. The main advantage is an anti -slip effect that does not allow the movement of cargo through the trunk with sharp maneuvers.