Artificial nails what are their pros and cons of them

Artificial nails are special tips that are glued to a pre -sawn natural nail. If the condition of the nails is normal, then artificial nails are glued to 1 \ 3 natural nail, if the nails are terrible, you will have to stick nails on 1 \ 2 natural nail. Currently, in beauty salons, artificial nails, they can even stick without cutting a natural nail using a special technology. After gluing artificial nails, you should cover the nails with a special polymer composition. You can also make acrylic nails, gel. Acrylic nails, it is strong enough and beautiful nails. Within one month after the acrylic nail extension, you can rejoice every day your nails.

Pros of artificial nails

Manicure specialists say that the highest quality and harmless nails are acrylic, since after them, natural nails remain the same. Acrylic nails look quite natural. The plus of acrylic nails is that the correction will need to be carried out only after one month, all this time you can enjoy acrylic nails. The most important plus of acrylic nails: – They are very convenient and just shoot.

Cons of artificial nails

If you tell about all the existing disadvantages of artificial nails, you can only do this after artificial nails are removed, or remove from a natural nail. The resulting nail damage can be restored about six months, if it is worth it, then you can start gluing artificial nails. If you have decided on artificial nails, then preliminarily consider everything, once a month, you will have to correct artificial nails, and after three months, you will have to completely change artificial nails, maybe even earlier.