Codependent relationships: concept, features and essence

Codependent relationships are a pathological type of relationship in which one person is completely subordinate to another, losing his personality and self-determination.

In a codependent relationship, one partner becomes controlling and manipulative, while the other becomes subordinate and a victim. The main signs of codependency are a low sense of self-esteem, fear of rejection and the need for constant approval and confirmation from a partner.

Why are codependent relationships so common these days?

Codependent relationships are so common these days due to various factors.

Firstly, the modern world strives for the ideal of family happiness and harmony, which often leads to the idealization of relationships and the need to be “ideal partners.” This puts pressure on people to suppress their own needs in order to maintain the relationship.

Secondly, many people are afraid of being alone and run away from themselves, looking for support and understanding in another person. This can lead them to become overly dependent on their partner, seeking to fill their emotional voids.

In addition, codependent relationships can be the result of childhood trauma or low self-esteem, when a person is unsure of himself and his worth, and seeks validation and love outside of himself. In such cases, a person becomes pliable and ready to sacrifice his needs for the sake of others.

In general, codependent relationships are an attempt to fill internal emptiness and lack of self-worth with external relationships, which often leads to imbalance and unhappiness.