Stylish jewelry in spring images 2018

Spring is a great time to try on new trends, and a couple of new stylish accessories will help create a complete, fresh and truly spring image. This season, fashionable guru is advised to take a closer look at both delicate weightless chains and massive jewelry. You can find out more about new trends below.

Laconicism and femininity were relevant at all times, and this season it is welcome if the girl’s neck decorates a thin, barely noticeable chain of silver or gold. An interesting addition to it will be a small pendant that emphasizes the fragility of the decoration. You should not choose too long chains, a win -win solution – a pendant located straight between the collarbone, it will definitely not go unnoticed!

Avoid bright colors and unusual textures in jewelry – all this remained in the past. In the spring of 2018, you can safely give preference to turquoise, amber, jasper and even malachite. Such stones will allow you to make a juicy and bright accent in any basic image.

Velvet, metal and even wooden textures can give good rebuff to classic jewelry. It is not easy to dare to do such an unusual solution in the wardrobe, but with such accessories you will definitely not be left without attention.

A separate niche in all the abundance of relevant jewelry is occupied by birds. The silhouettes of birds can find a place in the pendants, in bracelets, and even in massive rings.

Asymmetry – the motto of modern stylish fashionistas. Uneven earrings in the ears now do not look strange and stupid, but, on the contrary, indicate the unique taste of their owner.

The deliberate negligence of the textures of the beads, bracelets or rings brings the highlight to any image. Perfectly varnished and polished to shine, jewelry may seem boring and gray, but multifaceted, sparkling and shimmering materials will emphasize the unusual style of a fashionista.

Lovers of neat and laconic earrings can remain calm, because this unchanged trend subjugates the hearts of many girls from year to year. You can choose jewelry for every taste not only on store shelves, but also on the Internet, using Bijouella/Catalog/Xuping-Hyuping/. Here you can find many interesting accessories that are ideally suitable for any image.

An important parting words of stylists – you should not put on a large number of fashionable massive and unusual jewelry. Only one coarse wooden bracelet, or, for example, velvet chocker will be able to “create” the whole image.