Stylish female spring bows 2017

Each fashionista, regardless of the time of the year, always strives to look stylish and beautiful. The incomparable silhouette can be created through a well -chosen outfit, shoes and accessories.

For the spring season 2017, designers offer the most irresistible fashion bows. In this season, delicate feminine images are especially relevant.

The silhouettes of this spring are distinguished by their rich palette of bright colors, which give expressiveness and brightness to the female image.

In fashion collections, in addition to bright colors, shepherd outfits take up place. In the spring of 2017, outfits in the following styles are especially relevant:

• classic;

• casual;

• sports;



Casual clothing complements the wardrobes of many fashionistas, which ideally combines restrained classics and street simplicity.

The main element of this season, designers provide a dress, which is mainly preferred by romantic girls. The most relevant length is the option of midi.

The main directions of this season are bright saturated colors and average length.

Fashion trends for collections Spring 2017 provide for the following color scheme:

• Bright blue;

• Violet;

• burgundy;

• peach;

• mustard;

• pastel shades.

Classic style trousers combined with coats and high -quality shoes in tone of the bag, create an ideal image for the office.

Tall boots combined with a coat and narrowed jeans will create an ideal image in the style of Kesel, which can be supplemented by accessories made of metal, wood or fabrics.

For several seasons in a row, Militari style clothes have not been leaving fashionable peaks. This season this style is again in trend. The main material for the spring coat in this style, the designers picked up the drape and cashmere. For more warm weather, fashion designers offer outerwear made of denim, natural suede and skin.

However, when selecting models made of suede and skin, models with various decor must be avoided. Only impeccable cut and luxury of fabric will give outer clothing irresistible chic.

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A large assortment of exclusive clothing of excellent quality, various styles, will allow each to create the most unique silhouettes.