Haircut Bob Kare

Bob haircut is a stylish and original haircut that distinguishes its owner from the gray mass, emphasizes ovality and hides the shortcomings of the features. Therefore, the stars of the stage and cinema prefer this particular haircut. Thanks to this hairstyle, the female appearance is elegant and expressive. Bob haircut is suitable for almost all representatives of the weaker sex.

Classic Bob -Kare is a single hair length with twisted locks plus bangs.

An elongated bean-kare is an ordinary square where the hair touches the shoulders. This haircut is designed for straight and curly hair. This hairstyle advantageously distracts attention from the oval face. The traditional bob-carrier is a cascading transition of short to long hair.

For ladies with a round face shape, a bob hairstyle is suitable. Asymmetric lengths gives the face roundness. This hairstyle for those who are not afraid to “play” with their own image. She looks spectacular. Such a haircut is worn by the former member of the Spice Gels group Victoria Beckham and the dark -skinned singer Rihanna. From this, the haircut becomes only more popular.

Short Bob-Kare

This hairstyle is preferred by young girls with the right facial features and straight hair. A short bob-car is characterized by asymmetric bangs and a neat nape.

The average bob-car is focusing on a beautiful oval of the face. Thanks to this haircut, you can make office hair styling, as well as evening. But you can just comb and go from this will not be lost unusual. This hairstyle is suitable for a direct and oblique parting.If desired, you can hide the wideness of the forehead, you need to cut the bangs.

Want to make a variety of your newly made haircut? Long bangs will help you with this. Add the hairstyle a volumetric effect using a hairdryer laying. Apply gel to the strands of bangs, especially on the tips. To smooth your hair, we need a special smoothing balm and serum. From this your hair will be shine and stylish styling.