Salmon in marinade with lemon

Due to the fact that snacks and salads are prepared very quickly, they are widely used on festive tables. The snack of salmon in the marinade with lemon is very easy to cook and the dish is very original.

To prepare salmon in a marinade with lemon, we will need the following products:

400 grams of salmon without bones

30 grams of capers

50 grams of onion

45 grams of lemon

5 grams of parsley

150 grams of cabbage

30 grams of olive oil

17 grams of lemon juice

4 grams of sugar

Salt to taste

Salmon in the marinade with lemon is prepared in the following way:

First we cut cabbage and salt it.

Then add sugar and knead.

We take the fish and cut it with layers.

After that, lay on top of the cabbage.

Next, add capers, chopped ray, lemon and covered parsley on salmon.

Now we will make a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Then we pour the fish with the marinade, remove it under the press and put it in a cold place for three hours.

After that, the fish can be eaten,