Graceful gait

Most of the female half believe that the only thing they need to get the ideal of beauty is just to lose weight. And not rarely at parties, men give more attention to hollow women, while young and slender girls are left without attention from men.


All because a woman makes a beautiful way the waist or modern style in clothes, but a graceful gait, her natural and free behavior in society.

Each man appreciates in a woman a free and elegant manner of communication, lightness and energy, and most importantly, which adorns a woman and attracts from the first minute this is of course good posture and energy. And all this is regardless of its height and of course from weight.

Men like such women who by nature own the right movements, but unfortunately there are very few of them. Tsarist posture – this is what men like at first glance. After all, each of the women has bad habits that are not noticeable to us – we can sit at the table with our feet on the foot or go to the store in sneakers because it is so convenient, and not because it is necessary. Walking at home in an old dressing gown, what difference does it make, because no one to see me at home. Walk in jeans and in wide sweaters with a child for a walk and all because it is so convenient for us.

And we practically forget about our gait, our head is clogged with completely different, but not that. Great art to be able to move beautifully and not every woman thinks about it. And every woman often met the escorting glances of men who look in the trail of a girl with a beautiful gait and proper posture, and then we ourselves ask the question of why I do not follow my posture, because I can also go like that and even much better.

The muscles of the back and muscles of the abdomen are weakening from not proper posture and in the future there are problems with spine and a completely organism, and with proper posture, all muscles work correctly and of course our gait improves and our posture even becomes better. And there are no pains in the evenings when, for example, we can sit in the wrong position for hours by the TV, watching the next series of our favorite series and forgetting about our posture, we now don’t have it more important, forgetting about posture, we have a stoop. To fix this ailment, you need to perform special exercises for example complex for all muscles and of course to improve our posture. The ability to sit beautifully, walk beautifully and have free body movements, all should be all for every woman and never forget about himself.

Be able to walk correctly is the complex movement of our body. At every step, not only the legs work and the foot all our muscles and the whole body work, it is necessary that the weight of our body would be transferred evenly as the wave moves from the foot to the hips, to the body and to the head, while the center of gravity falls on the thigh.

When walking, it is necessary that our entire foot from the fingers to the heel would participate and of course our movements should be smooth and gradual. When walking we touch the floor, we transfer the emphasis at the beginning to the middle and of course at the end to the front of our foot.

You can unfold socks a little to the side. Do not forget and you must always draw a straight line for yourself and that our legs always go in a straight line and with a beautiful posture and then you will achieve that accompanying gaze of men about which you have always dreamed of.

The correct gait does not say that you should wobble your feet, your leg needs to be taken out of the hip, and many should not be taken out of the knee.

A beautiful and correct gait indicates the correctness of our movements from delicate and free and of course smooth movements, some cases cannot be waved with your hands when walking. Everything should be in the beat of your movements, but of course everything should always be normal. With a beautiful gait, our shoulders should be free straight, the chest should be a little in front, the head should also be raised and our eyes should always look in front and only then you can wake up about your beautiful gait and very attractive posture.

Let you have no growth like models from glossy magazines, but even with a slight growth, your beautiful proper gait and with beautiful posture, beautifully rearranging legs will look natural and of course completely. Every morning you need to start with charging for beautiful posture, you need to take breaths and exhalations raising your hands as high as possible strengthening your spine as much as possible, make rotating movements of the neck in the left and the right several times will strengthen the muscles of the spine and also the cervical muscles. As high as possible lift the legs alternately several times and, of course, of course about the abdominal muscles, because it is not only to improve your posture, but also for the beauty of the muscles of your abdomen, also well strengthen the abdominal muscles is dancing. They are not only useful for the female body, and also improve mood for the whole day. You can do different housework to the beat by this very, bring for yourself a double plus of homework and a beautiful figure and of course a beautiful posture.

Morning runs are very useful, they not only improve the body, and also improves the functioning of the heart and all muscles. Your posture will become much better and your legs wakes up to look more beautiful and healthier. Also improves posture, this swimming. All muscles begin to work correctly and of course it helps to improve your figure. There is nothing better than exercises in water, only such exercises can get rid of unnecessary kilograms in a short time for a shorter period. Such exercises are very useful for the spine thereby they improve your posture and heal the whole body. Through the entire day, try to keep your posture normally and at the end of the day you will forget about muscle pain. Before going to bed, imagine yourself in the best that you succeed since you wanted it. As they say that our thoughts and all that we think about consciousness is all feasible and all this is done only you need to want. To do this, you need to observe all these rules and of course not lazy, the laziness is laziness is our most terrible enemy who would so want you to lie and rest in front of the TV with a large plate of the pop food, scratching your large stomach swimming with fat, and the hips covered with cereal or more You will no longer be stuck on your couch with greasy hair and a fat chicken leg in your mouth, drinking all this with a bottle of beer into a bite with a large portion of the cake. Lying and watching a TV where they show beautiful and attractive girls with royal weather and thinking how difficult it is to achieve such a result – it is probably very difficult! No, this is not difficult, all this is possible in real life. Just you need to want and everything will work out! Many psychologists recommend that before going to bed, to imagine themselves in all its glory and say: “I’m beautiful and everything is fine with me”. And this method is actually very useful, because we achieve all that we are thinking about, because our thoughts and desires are realized in our world. Be beautiful and young!