Summer is coming

A new video was released "Invite", And at the same time the video of his famous competitor went – "Juppy", What proves, despite not all forecasts, the market of the so -called dry juices is still quite alive. Dry juice is not a Russian invention at all, it is successfully sold around the world, for example, in the USA there is an old and promoted brand "Cool AID". Only there, the name of this commodity class Soft Drink, and not dry juice, which is better corresponding to reality. "Invite" was the first dry juice to appear in Russia, after "Invite" Comources entered the market "Juppy" And "Zukko", which is produced by the Chilean campaign "Corpora Tres Montes".

At the same time, several dozen small brands from around the world appeared, and the market for dry juices in Russia quickly grew, at one time it even exceeded the volume of chewing gum, and this, you see, is impressive. Today everyone knows what dry juice is, but when it first appeared on sale, it could not occur to consumers that a liquid that has the appearance of fruit juice, the taste of fruit juice and extracted from a bag with the image of the corresponding fruit may not be fruit juice. Therefore, in the first videos "Invite" So it was said – the juice is liquid, and sometimes it is dry, in which it remains only to add water and get liquid juice. "Just add water" – The slogan that went down in the history of Russian advertising. It is no wonder that he is claimed by authorship, almost everyone who was related to advertising at one time "Invite", But there is a version that this is just a translation of the instructions on the packaging ⌠just Add Water".

Among the first addresses of advertising "Invite" There were only adults, but then advertisers realized that their most fertile target group was children. Children do not care how useful is that they drink, but, firstly, they love everything sweet, and secondly, they like the process of making juice itself – this is a certain magic that can be created with their own hands. All subsequent advertising campaigns "Invite" They turned exclusively to the children, children played in the videos, it was no coincidence that at that time the brand even had a symbol – a multiplier dinosaur, and a slogan "Just add water" was replaced by "Invite – become big".

At the same time, the brand was still positioned in relation to fruit juice, but a rather successful move was applied, later repeated by other products, and in particular, the same "Valley Scande". The main characteristic of the competing commodity group was taken and was connected with the stroke name, bypassing the basic classification. So dry juice has become "Fruit invite". Production "Invite" transferred from South Africa to the United States, then to Russia, the packaging became colorful, and the advertising campaigns in support of the brand were invariably large -scale – in the summer "Invite" traditionally one of the ten most advertised Russian products. To a certain extent exactly "Invite" became the personification of dry juice as such that it was affected when the market of dry juices decreased at the same speed as it grew before.

Nothing particularly tragic happened – just the share of Soft Drinks began to more actually correspond to the consumer advantages of this class of goods, the real competitors of which are not fruit juices and nectars, but all other bottled drinks – lemonades, hooks, cola and kvass. That is why the penultimate advertising campaign has promoted not just "Invite", or his more expensive variety – "Ellis", A "Invight – Cola", and was aimed not at children, but at adolescents. However, history shows that in order to really compete with "Coca-Cola", It is not enough just to attach to the name Cola prefix.

And this season "Invite" and his eternal competitor "Juppy" at the same time went to the start. "Juppy" I launched a very old video that went five years ago. Although the collection of videos at "Invite" It is quite impressive and there is something to choose from, but a new video has been released in which "Invite" finally called his real competitor in the market. This is not fruit juice, and not Coca-Cola or Fant. Before lemonade "Invite " there really is an important advantage – it is light and relatively cheap.

All these advantages were consistently listed in the classical style of argumentation in favor of the purchase. Now the target group "Invite" – Already not children and adolescents, but housewives from not very wealthy families. All image delights are over. The blue dinosaurus was handed over to the Museum of Russian Advertising Icons. But now you can almost certainly assume that after decisive positioning "Invite" will last as a leader of our market for dry juices for a long time.