Fashionable nail length

Nail length

Fashion is changing annually not only for design, varnish color and nail shape. Trying to be stylish, you need to monitor not only fashion for the color and shape of the nails, but also on their length.

What is the length of the nails in fashion?

For several seasons in a row in fashion there were long nails. However, unfortunately, not all women could independently grow their own nails. Nail extension came to the rescue. Indeed, the master can simulate absolutely any length and shape of the nails with a gel or acrylic.

Today, turn to the nail extension procedure is not at all necessary. The thing is that the nails have come into fashion, which have the most natural look. What does it mean? And this suggests that long predatory nails have gone into the past. Of course, sooner or later they will again win their leading place in the nail industry, but now you can not worry about the length.

Fashionable nail length

About fashionable in the past bizarre forms of nails can also be forgotten. Today, almond -shaped nails and oval nails are in fashion. These forms are considered the most natural. So lovers of square nails are best changed to their shape.

As for the length of the nails, it should also be as close as possible to the natural. Of course, the nails of some girls can grow up to a very decent length in a completely natural way. However, this season legislators of nail fashion decided that the minimum length is considered natural. 5 millimeters of the free region – this is the maximum, further than which you should not grow nails. And ideally, the nails should be even shorter-2-3 millimeters of the free edge.

Those who do not want to trim their long nails should use techniques that at least visually reduce their length. For example, nails painted with dark varnish look shorter. And also visually shorter makes the nails a slightly raised smile line. This means that the tip of the nail at a jacket design needs to be painted not from the beginning of the free edge, but just above it.


So, let’s summarize. This season you do not need to strive for pretentiousness in nail design. Let’s forget about sharp and long nails – spaces, square nails and nails with a beveled edge. Oval and almonds – this should be our choice. The length of the nails should also not be excessive. If you want to stand out with your manicure, it is better to do it with the help of design than with the help of the length and shape of the nails. By the way, in 2012, you should also not resort to design to something extraordinary. Good old jacket in a new reading is the best choice.

And what is your nail length? What form is more convenient for you?

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