Stylish embroidered T -shirts 2015

The growing popularity of embroidery pleases not only needlewomen, who have the opportunity to be the most fashionable, constantly replenish the wardrobe with wonderful products. Such a tendency and admirers of original images, non -standard solutions. The scope of this type of decor is truly limitless. We are already used to seeing him on blouses, shirts, jeans. Now the assortment of embroidered products has been replenished and T -shirts.

It is impossible to imagine a modern wardrobe without these wonderful clothing items. T -shirts love everyone, regardless of gender and age. Plain, print models accompany us in everyday life, allowing you to create wonderful comfortable bows. Embroidery allows you to give them several qualities at the same time. A simple T -shirt, thanks to such a decor, becomes a branded thing with incredible attractiveness, is a unique.

Embroidery can be performed on products of any color. But most often, white and black products are selected for this jewelry. These neutral colors allow the designer not to limit his imagination, to use the whole range of shades. Embroidery is used for t -shirts with short and long sleeves, polo models. Therefore, such a product can be selected for any style: business, sports, romantic, youth.

In men’s stylish T -shirts, embroidery can be performed in the form of finishing sleeves, collars, imitates a shirt fastener or is an additional accent in the form of a pattern in the center or sidewall of a shelf. Such techniques are used in models in the Ukrainian style. Embroidered T -shirts with original voluminous embroidered animals, symbols, and logos of sports clubs are in fashion. Female models use floral, plant compositions in the chest area, which provides a profitable accent. This makes T-shirts surprisingly similar to traditional Ukrainian shirt blouses.