Fashion jewelry of the season Spring Summer 2015

It is impossible to imagine a spectacular, expressive spring-summer image without jewelry. At times, the increased popularity of jewelry gives us the opportunity to purchase several fashionable, stylish products that can perfectly decorate the bows and give them a bright character. The designers of eminent brands have prepared many interesting options for this season, for which in our arsenal there will certainly be a place.

There were no cardinal changes in fashion jewelry. Therefore, the remarkable jewelry that were previously purchased should not be put aside. Large earrings made of metal, plastic plates, stripes, figures, as well as products with stones are popular. In fashion and earrings-rings, pendants. Massive rings in various styles are still relevant: avant-garde, classic, punk.

The main attention of designers pay necklaces, necklaces. Multi -tier, complex products, jewelry, sweaty from chains, or chains with large links, metal pendants, words, letters will become spectacular accents of a spring, summer image. The necklaces in the form of collars, collars are popular. Such jewelry can be worn with everyday outfits, giving them a special chic.

Wide-roller bracelets, leather and metal products, jewelry created from beads, pearls are fashionable. There are jewelry in the collections and romantic bracelets- chains supplemented by pendants.

If we determine the favorites of the color palette, it should be noted that most often in the fashionable decorations of the spring-summer season, designers use white and black combination, transparent plastic. Shades of brown, green, red gamut are popular. Jewelry that imitates gold and silver is relevant. Pearls enjoy special love of designers, it is included in all types of jewelry.

Given the interest that the fashionistas causes stylish jewelry, an online store, stationary outlets present it in a wide range so that we do not have problems with the search for the necessary things.