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A fashionable and unusual trend – things with drawings that look like silk shawls. Silk shawls really look, amazing with me I hope you agree. Seeing the variety of patterns of shawls, it is sometimes not clear why such beautiful things are not in fashion. The new season pleases with an interesting novelty, since it contains a shaped print. Print print, will be popular throughout the year. Any pattern on the scarf looks unusually beautiful and made with excellent taste. During the fashion week in Milan, designers shocked their spectators with their unusually beautiful outfits, which have a scarf print, the patch print of the collection is made in bright colors with various uneven lines of the hem. The famous Top Shop brand was able to present for everyone the widest selection of dresses and blouses with sprints, similar to scarves. Fashionable Print, today is excellent for the best evening dress. The design collection provides a variety of models of evening dresses made of silk and atlas with a handkerchief print. But this is not all, the most interesting model was a transparent dress made with a patch, it looks sexy and tasteful.

Going on a trip or on vacation, do not forget to take a dress with a dress print with you.

A little about the colors of the new year. All shades of pastel colors are in fashion, as well as all shades of metal and bright saturated colors, but only a neon color, remained last year. When choosing a dress or a skirt with a handkerchief, it is also recommended to pay attention to fashionable colors. As we have already said, all pastel shades are today at the peak of popularity, which means that they will be used in patch patterns, for example, the shaped print of pastel pink and blue. A jacket with a plate print of dazzling colors, it will look great with jeans shorts. T -shirt and a t -shirt with a handkerchief will look very exquisite, and all this thanks to the geometric pattern.

Men should also look stylish in the new year, for them the collection presents wonderful models of shirts with a handkerchief print. In such a fashionable shirt with a handkerchief, a man will look stylish and in the last fashion.

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A scarf print can rightfully be called the brightest novelty in the new season. Do not stay away, in fashion a shaped print, which means we choose clothes with exquisite patterns.

Having watched all the new items in fashion, we can say that gradually everything old becomes completely new and fashionable. For example, for the winter, the new collection contains earplaces, which were fashionable during our grandmothers. Gradually, lace and guipure returned to fashion and now the most popular shaped print. No matter how fashion changes, it always pleases us, since everything is new, this is well forgotten old. It is not necessary to make your wardrobe only from the clothes in which there is a shaped print, select a certain model for a particular case. Not all things from the presented collection can come up to you, choose, only in their style, only so things will become loved.