Stylish spring dresses 2017

The very first warm days remind a fashionista of any age about the need to update the wardrobe. In the spring, a new dress must appear in it. They are very popular this season. A large selection of models makes it possible to find a convenient style for women and girls of different ages with different figures.

In the choice of the model, the Wearme/Catalog/Platya/with many qualitatively executed photos will help.

The current relevance of the cut on the bodice

In the upcoming season, the neck of the neckline will be able to give preferences to models with a neckline on the bodice. Models with cuts on the bodice and waist are relevant for several seasons in a row. This style is equally appropriate for evening dresses and for everyday models. Plus the cut out on the bodice is the willingness to adjust the figure. By giving preference to a long and narrow neckline, you can lengthen the upper part of the body, make it slimmer. A round or oval version will emphasize a beautiful neckline. Only dresses with a neckline to the waist are ready to compete with him in readiness.

The luxury of shiny Atlas and silk dresses

Single shiny dresses made of silk and satin this year are the perfect choice of outfit to exit. This season, stylish beauties prefer not to burden their image in a luxurious brilliant dress with excessive accessories.

Touching image of the owner of a dress with one open shoulder

Designers and fashion designers argue whether it is worth recommending fashionistas to abandon an asymmetric dress with an open shoulder or this season the model is still relevant. The answer is already given by shopping centers. A large selection of dresses with an open shoulder on sale this season is best proved by their preserved relevance.

Where to wear hook dresses?

The trend of the season continues to remain in 2017 by Brushki dresses. Like several past seasons, they are the best choice of outfit for a trip to rest or evening walk. Beautiful dresses of this type are ready to become an element of the office costume of “Friday”. That is, allowing some deviations from strictly dress code.

The options for spring dresses of 2017 also include exquisite and touching outfits with open shoulders. Fashionistas will surely attract the opportunity to dress up in a hippy-chic or try on a strict militarian. Bright spring streets will decorate fashionistas in colorful ethnic outfits and touching creatures in Babidoll models.