Fashionable women’s gallery

Modern lady pays no less attention than clothing shoes, so any collection of a fashionable haalanter attracts the attention of every fashionista. Attractive handbags, wallets, belts will perfectly complement the image. Such accents can favorably emphasize individual style, status.

For handbags women experience special love and reverence. By the upcoming year, designers have prepared many attractive interesting models who will certainly find their admirers. The main advantage of modern fashionable stylistic solutions is that women’s bags should not be combined with clothes, and even more so with shoes. Therefore, in choosing the color of your favorite accessory, you can not restrain your fantasies.

Materials for the manufacture of fashionable handbags used a variety of. Genuine skin is found, of course, most often. But, suede, fur, textiles will be no less popular. If you highlight the main trends of the upcoming season, then you should pay attention to models from the leather of reptiles, handbags from combining fur and skin. At the peak of fashion and accessories from textiles with a print imitating zebra skin.

Various decorations on handbags are in fashion: original fasteners, lightning, chains, rhinestones, volumetric, sewn embroidery. At the peak of the popularity of fringe. The colors of fashion accessories are diverse. The collections have models for admirers of elegant classics and bright handbags of non -standard shapes for fashionistas of original, creative. Will find their accessories and lovers of retro style. These are bags in a cage, in polka dots, with floral prints. As a festive option, models from materials in the color “metallic” are wonderful suitable.

When creating your own image, do not forget about such an important accessory as women’s wallets. There are a lot of such products in design collections. For the most part, these are rectangular models that make it possible to gently decompose banknotes. Such wallets look solid and stylish, are able to maintain a high status, an elegant classic style. These accessories are made of leather in noble shades, consist of a large number of departments. Can have an original fastener or valve.

There are many in collections and models for girls who prefer romantic images. Wallets made of bright, attractive materials that are often complemented by circular lightning are wonderful for them. For such models, in addition to the skin, textiles are used, PVC. At the peak of fashion of next year, color: pink, orange, beige, red, yellow, emerald, rich blue. Metal shades are also popular.

There are many wallets from print materials in fashion collections.  The most fashionable drawings: cell, ornaments, abstraction, animalist prints.

For several years, women’s belts have been one of the most fashionable accessories. Popular next year are wide products with a secret fastener. For outer clothing, leather belts with large buckles are perfect. For light outfits, you can choose accessories from suede or textiles. The next year’s trend is the leather belts of women’s brown, black, red flowers consisting of two rows. Lacked skin in the upcoming season is not popular, matte options are in fashion.