Rhinestones in manicure

Currently, the manicure has become a real art. Today, masters of manicure can paint nails, stick various rhinestones on them, depict various drawings on nails and all kinds of plots. Manicure specialists have come to the point that now on nails they are able to perform paintings by great artists. Such a process of performing manicure, of course, will require a lot of time, but everyone will like the final result. Rhinestones in manicure are able to make your nails truly beautiful and attractive.

To perform a manicure with rhinestones, we need: – Nail polish, a thin stick or a toothpick, tweezers, rhinestones and colorless varnish. It is recommended to perform manicure with rhinestones on inclined nails. For what reasons, manicure experts advise performing manicure with rhinestones on overhead nails, but not on natural?

Small dents may remain on the nails after the rhinestones are removed. First, it is recommended to paint the nails with two layers, the color of the varnish can be any. Now you need to wait for the varnish to completely dry on the nails, only after you can start performing the pattern on the nails. The drawing itself, more precisely, the sketch of the picture is recommended to apply colorless varnish. The pattern on the nails is recommended to be performed in small droplets. After each drop of varnish, you can easily glue the rhinestones. A drop of varnish should be very small so that it does not spread. Rhinestones can also be used for makeup, makeup will look just great. If you want to make a straight line from rhinestones, it is recommended to use a simple thread. The thread should be attached to not still dried varnish and then immediately remove. By the handmade, you can stick straight rhinestones after. In order to transfer to the image, that is, on the drawing of rhinestones, you can use a conventional toothpick. The tip of the toothpick is recommended to drown water. You can also glue and transfer rhinestones to the drawing using a regular thin tweezer. After the rhinestone, you need to press slightly, the varnish should be tanned in the stroke. In such a simple way you can perform manicure with rhinestones.