Fashionable swimwear 2013

In the summer, on a trip to the sea to rest, you can not do without a stylish elegant swimsuit, which will allow you to become a real queen of beach. Of course, the choice of the model largely depends on the individual characteristics of the figure. But, and fashion trends are not worth discounting accounts, the proposals of designers will help make the right choice.

Retro style this year is more popular than ever. In collections of swimwear, he also traces. In most cases, fashion designers were guided by the 60s of the last century, when the coarse swimsuits dominated. The waist in them is overstated, the shoulders are open as possible.

Such models are ideal when the figure is required. If necessary, visually reduce the forms, you can choose swimwear from dark fabric, with a diagonal pattern. The online clothing store will help to choose and purchase fashionable swimwear /.

Additional assistance in creating an ideal silhouette will provide special elastic inserts in problem areas and a high percentage of the content of the liraku in the fabric. If you want to be bright, you can choose a swimsuit with floral prints, which are many in the collections.

There are in fashion offers and products for fashionistas that prefer original images. The designers managed to achieve this effect using asymmetry. Swimsuits with one strap, with unusual configurations look non -standard and attractive.

Bikini fans who want to look flirty and sexy on the beach can choose for themselves models with ruffles, drapery. They can be made of polka dot material, stripes, which will provide additional attention.

Designers give preference to pastel, noble colors, but there are bright models in collections: turquoise, coral, emerald. The hit of the season has become silver and golden fabric swimsuits, which are perfectly combined with tanned skin.