Two opinions about cooking vegetables

There are two ways to cook vegetables, each of which has its opponents and adherents. Many cooks prefer the classic method: vegetables are placed in a large amount of boiling water, and on the other hand, scientists advise you to cook vegetables in as few water as possible.

The advantage of the first method in its speed. A large amount of water will immediately heat the products, and we know that the fewer the vegetables cook, the better the color, taste and structure are preserved in them. This rule is especially true for delicate green vegetables, for example, broccoli, green beans.

Cooking in a small amount of water lasts longer, which is why the color and structure of the vegetable change, but it has a nourishing rationale ”. The vegetables cooked in this way lose less vitamins and nutrients, and the water that these substances pass into can be used for soups or when extinguishing. Some even cook vegetables like salad only in the water that remains on the leaves after washing. But it should be remembered that the vegetables will then be cooked unevenly, since those parts that touch the bottom and walls will soften and will be condensed, while others will still remain gestured.