Koktel in 52

The name of the cocktail is attributed to the American B-52 bomber, which was used by the United States of America during the war in Vietnam in order to discard incendiary bombs. Most likely, this inspired modern bartenders to set fire to B-52. Nobody knows exactly where this cocktail was first cooked. Some call the ALICE bar, which is located in Malibu, while others are KEG’s Steakhouse bar in Kalgary. It happened in 1977. In order to prepare this drink, these ingredients will be required – twenty milligrams of Bailis, the same number of Calcar and Kuantro. Equipment – cocktail spoon, shit, tubes, geysers, matches. By the way, if you need maple-refrigeration equipment for cafes and bars, you can purchase it in an online store at an affordable price. The company is engaged in the supply of equipment for cafes, restaurants and other public catering places at low cost. I am glad to cooperate the company with clients on favorable terms, and does everything in order to be able to satisfy absolutely any desire of customers – the assortment of equipment is expanding regularly, completely new lines are added from equipment manufacturers. But to cook the B-52, pour the cartoons into the liquor glass, and then slowly add a bailis spoon, and kuantro. The three clearly made layers will be required, the upper layer is usually set on fire. It is drunk very quickly through straw. By the way, this cocktail in Europe is served in Rox with ice, that is, you can do as you want.