Holter monitoring

Over the years, everyone can feel pain in the area of ​​one or another body. If you felt that something is happening not as it was before, then you should not joke with this vital organ and postpone a visit to the doctor.

Turning to a specialized center today, everyone will be able to undergo a thorough and full examination on the basis of which the attending physician will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and after all the examinations the specialist will prescribe the most effective treatment.

The field of medicine every year receives all new and new equipment and equipment, thanks to the latest equipment, specialists of medicine manage to quickly assess the condition of the diseased body and identify its violations from the norm. In such a region today, a hollow is used, which looks like a miniature registrar equipped with a certain number of sensors.

The sensors present in the equipment of the miniature registrar are installed on the chest of the subject. There are at least three sensors in the equipment of Holter monitoring. After the device sensors are attached to the chest, the subject must wear this device for twenty -four hours.