How to choose children’s earrings?

If your little princess asks to buy children’s earrings, then she should not refuse her. Stereotypes that it is too early for children to wear adult accessories are already outdated. Today there are special – children’s – jewelry that are created specifically for little girls. They meet their age externally and comply with all the standards and recommendations of pediatricians. It is important – only choose the right earrings for girls.

Say no cheap jewelry

The child should not wear jewelry made of ordinary iron or metal alloys. The baby’s body can not resist irritation and allergic reactions that can be from cheap jewelry. Therefore – only silver of high sample or gold. Better silver: a child can lose gold jewelry, give – he has not yet developed an understanding of the value and price of things.

When purchasing silver earrings, look at the composition. The test is at least 925, and it is better if there is a rhodium coating – it improves hypoallergenic properties. In addition, the birth of decorations does not darken and do not fade.

Choose light jewelry

Children’s earrings should be very light – so as not to burden a small ear. Too massive earrings will be inconvenient to wear. Here it is worth noting medical silver alloys – they are facilitated. In addition, earrings should not be with sharp corners, long pendants and protruding elements. And another recommendation: choose designs for children’s topics: flowers, cats, sun. This is more suitable for a young age.

Pay attention to the lock

Everything is simple here: it should be reliable so as not to lose the jewelry. Plastic “plugs” is not suitable. The design of the castle should be reliable (so as not to be unfastened on its own) and simple (so that the girl can remove/dress the jewelry herself).

How to avoid bad emotions associated with jewelry?

Last but not least, you need to think about the emotions and psychological state of the child. Avoid the following errors:

Do not give the girl overly expensive or richly decorated earrings, or do not emphasize their cost. Thus, you will protect the baby from a constant feeling of anxiety or fear of losing decoration.

Focus first of all not to your taste, but the taste of the girl. Remember, you buy children’s earrings: silver or gold, flower or heart, colored enamel or pink pebble – let the child like to your child.