Stylish evening dresses for women

Each new season, as is customary, makes something new and unusual. For solemn events and parties, there is its own fashion, which consists of its rules. It will not always be appropriate to put on a fashionable dress on such a solemn event, since the rules of such events have been formed for many years. The coming 2012, despite it, outlined his trends. Let’s talk about the trends of the coming year.

Open shoulders

Outfits with open shoulders moved to us from last season. Models made with open shoulders were popular last season, and this year “open shoulders” will be in fashion. Sleeps made by sleeves are particularly popular. Such news can please many, now all last year’s dresses with open shoulders will also be considered fashionable. The evening fashion of 2012 also consists of blouses and trousers. Let’s take a closer look at what an evening elegant blouse should be. Such a blouse can be made of a large number of buttons. For evening output, a silk blouse with a beautiful skirt is perfect. The evening fashion of 2012 was able to combine men’s and female elements in clothes. Such models are relevant in the new season. This means that classic trousers made in a strict style can also approach the evening silk blouse. Everyone knows that trousers will never go out of fashion. Quite often, designers use precisely trousers in the creation of evening outfits.

Fashionable trousers of the new season

Pants appeared in fashion for a long time and today in the evening fashion of 2012 they are popular. By choosing a strict tight -fitting suit with trousers, you can become more sexy than in a short skirt. Pantsuits of various metal tints will be popular this season. TOP is perfect for the trousers of a metallic tint, and an elegant decoration on the neck and shoes-lodges can also be added to the way.


If you want to become fashionable, do not be afraid to experiment, put an ankle boots to a selected cocktail dress. As you have already guessed, the ankle boots are also fashionable in the new season, which is why it is worth choosing them. Fashionable ankle boots, are able to remarkably combine with dresses of various colors and style. You can safely come to any party in such an outfit.

Evening fashion dresses

The most fashionable dresses in the new season are an evening dress made in the style of a “fish tail”. Models are performed as short in front and elongated from behind. Such models can rightfully be called the most stylish in the new season. By acquiring such an original dress, you will become the most fashionable. But this style is not the only one that will be considered fashionable. Short tight -fitting dresses are also popular in the 2012 evening fashion. The choice of evening outfit depends primarily on your style. Evening outfits, a large number of them choose the right in your figure. Given all the existing features of your figure, the selected evening outfit is perfect for you.

This is not all evening trends in 2012. Of course, not everyone will appeal to their liking, but those who love risk and various experiments give designers – green light.