Another rise in price of coffee will occur in Ukraine

In Ukraine, another raising of coffee prices is expected in connection with the crop failure in Brazil and the rise in price of prices at the global level. When prices are accurately lifted, it is still incomprehensible. The next rise in price of coffee is planned in Ukraine, local suppliers are preparing for coffee supply, which has significantly rose in price on the world market. The Bloomberg agency on April 22 reported that coffee grains grew in price. The cost reached the record over the past 26 months. Many varieties have risen in price, for example, a pound of arabica in price increased to $ 2.157 (in March the price was about $ 1.99), the price increased in Lavazza coffee. Experts explained this by the fact that in Brazil after the drought, heavy rains began, which greatly affected the crop. Due to the fall of yields in Brazil, the coffee of other manufacturers will also suffer. This situation was explained by Felix Birman, owner of the coffee shop network “Medelin”. He said that the main variety of coffee produced in Brazil is Arabica. With a shortage of crop, prices are immediately rising not only in this country, but in the entire market as a whole. In the domestic market, the price of coffee directly depends on the world factors. Depending on demand, the amount of procurement changes, either they are done once a week, or once a month. If new contracts are concluded, then the product is imported at new prices. The rise in price is still unknown. Felix Birman suggests that this will happen over the next month. But Denis Kachalov, the director of Coffecompany, is sure that the rise in price will reach Ukraine about 4-6 months after raising prices in the world coffee market. It was also reported a little earlier that the Government of Ukraine will raise the prices of heat and gas for the population. This was reported by Alexander Shlapak, Minister of Finance of Ukraine.