Fresh puff cakes

Ingredients: 300 milliliters of vegetable oil400 grams of wheat flour200 milliliters of the water of the sea solo capacity: such a kind of layout of the dough with constant smearing of each layer makes our cakes wrapped in the form of a roll and puff. Frying the dough using oil gives the dough amazing aroma and taste quality. First take clean and very cold water, which will give our test elasticity. You can throw pieces of ice into it so that its temperature is the minimum possible. Pour half of the existing flour and salt into the water, sprinkle our mixture with a spoon and begin to knead the dough. Add vegetable oil there, at this stage you will need 100 milliliters, then add the remaining of our flour and begin to knead the dough with our hands. We should get a plastic and viscous dough, but it should not stick to our hands. This dough must be rolled into a sheet, the thickness of which will be a centimeter. After this sheet, you need to lubricate abundantly with vegetable oil. Then we put it in half towards ourselves and again smear it with oil. Then it needs to be folded again, but already to the right in the direction of yourself and again smear with oil. Sprinkle it with flour and roll it into a layer of at least five millimeters thick. We smear with oil again and roll a roll. So that its edges blind – smear them with water. Cut it into pieces of 5-8 cm. Then roll them into cakes. You need to fry products in vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes for each side, under the lid (medium fire).Serve to tea, first and second.

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