Meat from meat

Meat from meat is very fast in preparing a snack, the filling of which can be absolutely any, to your taste, but today we will follow clear instructions.

Meat from meat rolls:

2 flooded cheese

1 yellow bell pepper

2-3 cloves of garlic


Parsley herbs

1 packaging of meat cut (it is better to use ham)

By the way, and you knew that the decoration of meat cutting is also not a simple thing, just about it is said about it.

Meat steering – recipe for cooking

Bake yellow bell pepper (medium size), peel it from seeds and skin, and finely chop it.

Cool the melted cheeses in the freezer and pass through the small grater, the warm ones will not work to grate.

Remove garlic cloves through garlic.

Chop the greens of parsley well.

Mix all the resulting components and season with mayonnaise.

Put the filling into half a piece of meat and roll it with a roll with a toothpick so that it does not crumble.

That’s all, I think the little secret is revealed, how to cook meat from meat, thanks for the attention and pleasant appetite!