Tartiflet is a classic dish made from stewed potatoes and bacon. The whole dish is usually seasoned with cream and cheese ribs. As a rule, this dish is served with light green salad and dry white wine.

The most common Tartiflet in the region of Upper Savoy, where ski resorts are located. It is there that they often give this dish to lovers of outdoor activities.


Potatoes – 200g, bacon or brisket (smoked) – 300 g, cheese ribson (soft) – 1 pcs., Onions – 200g, wine (white dry) – 1 cup (to taste), butter – 15g, salt, pepper – to taste.

In order to prepare a tartiflet, you need

1. Cut potatoes with thick slices and open in boiling water.

2. After that, the bulbs are finely cut and fried in butter, for five minutes.

3. Next, smoked bacon is taken, which must be cut into small pieces, and added to the onion. Bacon with onions is fried for five minutes. If you add wine, then to lay down another 10-15 minutes.

4. After that, the potatoes are laid out in a baking dish, onions and bacon are laid out on top, then the cheese is rubbed. The whole dish must be seasoned to taste. Further, the layers are repeated, that is, again potatoes, onions, bacon, cheese and dish are poured with cream. Then the tartiflet is prepared in the oven until golden. As a rule, this dish is decorated with greens and served with a green salad.