Arrows in the eyes of the autumn 2012

Arrows in the eyes

The main trend in makeup in 2012, of course, can be considered arrows! The arrows themselves, of course, are not a breakthrough in the make-up: women painted them in front of their eyes since ancient times (recall at least the image of Cleopatra!). But the “Switch Boom” was observed in the 20s and in the 60s of the last century. And then this boom along with the fashion on retro and vintage has survived to this day!

But the popularity of the shooter is due not only to the fact that they became in fashion. Even if there were no such fashion, women should not have abandoned the shooter! First, arrows give the eyes extraordinary expressiveness. Secondly, they are appropriate in the makeup of women of any age. Thirdly, perfectly combined with any way. And they are better than all other makeup techniques allow you to simulate and adjust the eye shape. But the arrows in the eyes are also subject to fashion trends: every season makeup artists are happy to offer something new!

So, what should the arrows be in the fall of 2012?

Wide arrows. It is worth recalling the shocking and untimely departed singer Emmy Winehouse. It was she who was the most passionate fan of such shooters. And if earlier some fashionistas could only laugh at these elaborate wide lines, today they will probably want to learn how to draw them!

Wide arrows

Multi -colored arrows. Black eyeliner, although it is a classic, in the fall of 2012 will give way to the eyeliners of multi -colored! They can be selected to the tone of clothes or even eyes. And the most daring fashionistas can even combine eyeliners of different colors!

Color arrows

Double arrows are the most important trend. One line is drawn along the upper eyelid, the second shows the lower one and goes up- thus the effect of the “cat” look is created.

Double arrows

Ultradlin arrow. Such arrows strive for almost the temple itself – only the most extraordinary and bright girls can afford such a make!

Ultradlin arrows

Some beauties complain that it is very difficult to draw arrows! Is it possible to make permanent arrows? Of course, you can, just do not need. Fashion can change very rapidly, and such arrows can not behed with water and even soap. So everyone who wants to have the most fashionable in the fall of 2012 Makeup will have to learn to withdraw arrows. The main thing in this matter is to fill your hand! Makeup artists advise drawing several points along the century, and then slowly connect them with lines. Choose an eyeliner with a brush that will be most convenient for you to draw arrows – hard or soft. A little dexterity and everything will definitely work out!

And you can draw arrows in your eyes? What species you prefer?

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