How to choose hair hair dryer Fena concentrates Fena Staylets Fena diffusers

Having come to the store behind a hairdryer, the eyes simply run away from the assortment and the only question appears: – “What a hairdryer for your hair”? If there is nothing to know about hairdries and what they can be, then choosing something suitable will be quite difficult. In the first place, the condition of your hair, the unpredated hairdryer can significantly worsen the condition of your hair, more precisely, the hair can be overdried. At the beginning, take a closer look at your hair, who is not you, knows better about them. From this it follows that the hair dryer must be selected based on the general condition of the hair. Currently on the shelves of specialized stores, you can divide all the hair dryers into three types. These are fans concentrates, hails of styles and diffuse hair dryers.

Constitutional hair dryers

Fenes – concentrates – this is a hair dryer with a small slit nozzle. The air passes through this slit -like nozzle. It is very convenient to lay your hair with such a hair dryer, you can give any shape, for example, you can make beautiful curls or just straighten your hair. The main advantage of this hairdryer is compactness and lightness. This hairdryer is used to conduct a house styling. Feng – concentrates, have not a very large power, but the lack of a hairdryer is that the entire stream of hot air is directed to one point, more precisely for one strand of hair. The constant use of such a hair dryer will lead to exhaustion and dry hair. Homeless fences intended for home use, in beauty salons, they are practically not used.

Stayler hair dryers. These models of hairdries have several nozzles, thanks to which you can give your hair an unusual shape. Each nozzle differs, using it, you can independently make a beautiful styling. For example, straighten your hair or make unusual curls. Nozzles, as I already said different, in order to somehow diversify the hairstyle, you will need to purchase a whole set of nozzles for a hairdryer. In such hair dryers, the power is quite low, it can easily be used at home. But it should be noted that such a hair dryer directs the flow of hot air to one point, prolonged use of the hair dryer will dry your hair. You can also use this hair dryer model at a professional level, applying a protective or hair styling tool. It is not recommended to constantly use a hairdryer, whatever it is, but if you are used to laying hair with a hairdryer, then you will have to conduct additional care for your hair.

Diffusor hair dryers. When these hair dryers appeared, many probably remember how it was advertised on TV. A special hair dryer with small fingers, with which you can easily lay your hair and giving it the necessary volume. Turn me, I personally believed in this advertising move. I did not get the expected effect, of course, the volume of hair became better, but it was not possible to lay my hair with it, I had to remove this finger nozzle and put my hair in the usual way. Diffuser hampi are perfect for curly hair or for curling. Hair locks will be perfectly separated, respectively, beautiful curls will be noticeable. Diffuser hampi can be bought like Nike sneakers in CAO.

The choice of the hair dryer remains for you by purchasing a hairdryer, pay attention to the fenger manufacturer. Cheap Chinese hair dryers should not be bought, you can make hair with such a hairdryer, dry and brittle. High -quality professional hair hair dryer has high power, and it is much harder than an ordinary hair dryer, which is sometimes like a children’s toy. If the hairdryer is heavy, it means there is much more metal in it, which improves the flow of air. When purchasing a high -quality professional hair dryer for your hair, you will primarily maintain the beauty and health of your hair.