Stylish summer image 2016

Fashion never stands still, and any modern girl wants to look stylish and attractive. This is especially true for the long -awaited summer. The main thing is that the girl wants to emphasize is grace and femininity. And this can be done not only by wearing fashionable dresses from the manufacturer. In this excellent assistant will be midi skirt.

Disassembled pattern of delicate flowers and birds will look excellent on a skirt. For everyday wearing, a skirt from a dark blue color with a large flower pattern on the bottom will look great, and a light blouse with short sleeves from above. Preferably without buttons.

When a meeting with friends is planned, a straight-blue shade of midi skirt is perfect. You can supplement the image of a t -shirt under it. Low legs in light sandals or comfortable moccasins.

If a date is scheduled for the evening, then choosing the right image is as important as possible. If there is no way to buy fashionable dresses from the manufacturer, it does not matter. It is worth putting on a skirt in pale pink tones, take a neat clutch that will look harmonious with a white blouse. There is also an alternative output-sandals, dark blue skirt and pastel-pink crop top.

Denim trends of this summer

Another integral attribute of summer is shorts, and most prefer denim. Shorts can be selected in several parameters: model, shade, length. However, despite all these configurations, so that the image looks effectively and stylishly important to think about the top. He must be striking, be bright and attracting. Saturated and juicy color. Yellow is perfect for this, because this summer it will be the most popular color. For an everyday image, an ordinary bright yellow T-shirt with an inscription or print is excellent. Classic Converse, sandals or sandals are suitable for their feet. Fans of torn jeans should choose a T -shirt with an extraordinary and attractive print, for example, an Eiffel Tower, an abstract pattern or beloved animals. It is important not to forget about accessories, such as handbags and sunglasses. All this will complement the summer image and make it individual and unique.

To look fashionable this summer, you need very little effort. It is important to consider the main points of combining colors and styles. If each thing is harmoniously combined with everyone else, then we can assume that the image turned out.