Holter monitoring ECG

Holter monitoring is a special functional diagnostic method, this method allows a daily recording of an electrocardiogram, that is, ECG. On the Holter Monitoring website, you can learn about the modern functional diagnostic method. Electrocardiogram records can be carried out in a continuous process within 24 hours. To record an electrocardiogram, a small wearable register is used, which is capable of making a round -the -clock recording and after transmitting information about the work of the heart per day to the computer. The data processing program can ensure the identification and analysis of various types of arrhythmias, as well as angina attacks. In addition to all this, the specialist will be able to independently view the recording of electrocardiograms.

This modern method allows each specialist to make an accurate diagnosis to the patient, the method is also able to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Each patient under Holterovsky monitoring will be issued a diary with notes on the state of health and the method of treating the disease. Currently, many can complain about the pains that appear in the heart. Interruptions in the work of the heart, a fairly frequent increase in blood pressure, when such complaints appear, it is recommended to consult an experienced specialist. Quite often, pain in the heart can occur while walking or when performing hard physical work. Today, experienced specialists can make an electrocardiogram that will help identify all the deviations in the work of the heart. But not in all cases an electrocardiogram can show any significant changes. Why is this happening? An electrocardiogram that is removed at a doctor’s appointment, can appreciate the work of the heart only at rest. The duration of this procedure can take about five or ten seconds. It is for this reason that the ECG cannot show dangerous disorders in the work of the heart. Holter monitoring ECG is a modern method of continuous registration of heart work.