Surgical tooth extraction in dentistry in Kyiv

Many of us panic when they hear the term “surgical dentistry”, since the first association draws in the imagination of teeth removal. However, this is not the only procedure that is provided by surgical intervention in dentistry. In order for the delicate healthy tissues of the oral cavity to be damaged, dental surgery provides for the use of innovative technologies and tools. The rapid development of surgical services in dentistry allows for various reconstructive operations and tooth removal at the highest level.

Tooth removal – Jewelry procedure?

Quite often it happens that the necessary moment for the treatment of the tooth is lost and it has to be removed. However, the removal of a patient or a destroyed tooth is a fairly jewelry procedure that requires attentiveness and accuracy, since during removal it is necessary not to injure the bone and not violate the healthy soft tissues of the oral cavity. This is necessary in order for the rehabilitation process after removal to go as soon as possible. Also, subsequent implantation or prosthetics will depend on this period and the quality of the procedure.

Dental surgery Nanniclinic offers to remove teeth with minimal injury to soft tissues:

removal of non -cut teeth;

partially erupted;

incorrectly located wisdom teeth.

We have a tooth extraction procedure as seriously as possible. After all, a competent specialist should conduct it. This is the only way to exclude the risk of damage to healthy bone and soft tissues.

Traumatic removal can have negative consequences, such as:

complication of rehabilitation;

difficulty during prosthetics in the future.

Dental surgery is one of the main directions of our clinic. Experts have colossal experience in this area, professionally remove teeth with slight injury to neighboring fabrics.

Surgical dentistry on Poznyaks in Nanniclinic offers a set of services of surgical dentistry, which provides not only tooth extraction, but also to conduct the most difficult surgery for reconstruction. Modern surgical dentistry in Kyiv provides for the use of innovative painkillers that make it possible to carry out the most complex surgery without a sense of discomfort. The staff of the clinic has professionals with many years of experience who can find an approach to any patient.