Where did buckwheat come from and its benefits?

Buckwheat is an indispensable cereal in cooking, from which modern housewives prepare a lot of different dishes, it can be sweet cereals for breakfast, and meat dishes for dinner.

Few people know that buckwheat is a cereal made from buckwheat, and due to this ignorance, some confusion sometimes arises. So, buckwheat is only a derivative product from buckwheat, and we will talk about it further. Buckwheat is a genus of plants of the Buckwheat family and is used in various sectors of life, including culinary.

There is an assumption that the birthplace of this plant is Northern India and it became a cultivated species about 5 thousand years ago. Before coming to Europe as a result of the Tatar-Mongol invasion, she visited China, Japan, and Korea. There is an opinion that the culture received its name from the Slavs, who called it buckwheat, since it was brought to Russia by none other than the Greeks, or rather, Greek merchants.

It is very interesting that honey can be obtained from this plant, and, more surprisingly, chocolate. No less interesting, and also useful for gardeners, is the fact that buckwheat not only is not afraid of weeds, but also displaces them from the bed where it is planted, which is why it is classified as green manure.