How to choose a lipstick color?

How to choose a lipstick color?

Despite the fact that the red lipstick is too bright, it is a fashionable trend of the season. Red color will help you concentrate the desired object on your lips, draw attention to yourself.

Choose the color of the lipstick:

It is fashionable to mix several colors at once. If the lipstick you bought is too bright or dark, you should not immediately throw it into the box. You can try to mix several shades at once, conduct experiments on yourself.

When selecting shades, it should be noted that if the skin color is pink, then it is better to choose only plum shades.

If the skin color is tanned, then it is worth embellish it with dark shades.

Red lipstick suits almost all girls except the owners of pink skin.

The color of the lipstick

If the girl has chubby lips, then you should first bring the outline with a pencil, and then apply lipstick. You need to add a little shine to the middle of the lower lip. It is not recommended to use the shade of the pencil darker than the color of the lipstick.

With thin lips, you need to apply bright red lipstick, after which the lips will look magnificent.

The older the woman, the more you need to give up a matte shade. Cream lipsticks give more shine, they are better to stay on the lips than matte.