Actress Yanina Lisovskaya: what happened to her and where she disappeared to

Vladimir Menshov’s 1984 film “Love and Doves” became a real popular hit, and the characters’ lines became quotable. “Lyudk, oh Lyudk! Ugh, village” can still be heard today. And what happened to that same Lyudka? We’re sure you didn’t know.

Yanina Lisovskaya is a native Muscovite, born into an artistic family, graduated from the prestigious Moscow Art Theater School, where she studied on a course with Alexander Feklistov and Vera Sotnikova. All the conditions to become a famous film actress. Especially when the start was so successful. The film “Love and Doves” was one of the first in the filmography of 21-year-old Lisovskaya and immediately made her an all-Union film star. The young actress was immediately noticed by other directors, and new roles were not long in coming. Lisovskaya also got leading roles (for example, in the film “Beyond the Vetluga River”), but they could not overshadow the success of the actress in the image of Lyudka.

In the early 1990s, the actress met German actor Wolf Liszt, who soon became her second husband. The actress did not succeed in living in two countries, and she decided to follow her beloved to Germany.

Lisovskaya doubted for a long time, but her departure was eventually blessed by her teacher and the head of the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Efremov, promising that if the actress’s life in Germany did not work out, he would take her back to the troupe.