We prepare a safe salad

To prepare amazing, and most importantly safe salad for your health, you need to buy fresh vegetables. After the purchase, do not immediately cut them and refuel them, and serve them on the table. At first they need to be soaked in water. Since according to experts, the water will eliminate an impressive number of nitrates. In addition, it is extremely important to thoroughly cut the ends of all poles, the radishes of cucumbers and zucchini need to carefully clean the peel, since it is there that nitrates are based. Culinary masters advise using the tops of greenery, removing the stems, and cut it immediately before use. Since a fairly certain amount of time is so that the vegetables become lethargic and unsuitable for salad. Take care of the removal of all cracks and spoiled places on fruits and vegetables. It is also necessary to add 1 t. spoon of citric acid. In addition, you do not need to store the remains of unused greens in the refrigerator.

The finished salad is recommended to serve no later than an hour. Since vegetables lose their freshness, and with a long simple they can lead to undesirable poisoning. Salad decoration can be made with slices of fruits and vegetables, or with greens and pieces of meat. You can also make a mesh of mayonnaise and cut out beautiful figures and flowers from products. That’s all safe salad is ready for use.