American diet

The American diet is a special program intended for weight loss, the American diet has become famous for its appearance, we can say in every corner of the world.

The diet is represented by several options, each version of the American diet has its own distinctive characteristics, but the purpose of such diets is an effective weight loss.

The American diet is designed for thirteen days. The menu of the American diet is peculiar, during observance you will have to exclude fresh bread, all alcohol, sugar and salt from the usual diet.

The weight loss system is focused on acceleration of metabolism, so the diet does not allow independently, adjust the diet.

Observing the American diet, you will have to drink at least 1.5 liters of warm boiled water every day. For thirteen days of compliance with a diet, if everything is done exactly as it is prescribed by the system you can lose weight from five and to ten kilograms.

It should be mentioned that the difficulty of observing the American diet can occur in the first week, since during this period your body will begin to lose kilograms by force, by the second week daily weight loss is approximately 100-150 grams.

The American diet, in fact, does not belong to a hard diet, since all the products of the diet can be consumed in unlimited quantities.