Stylish summer manicure 2016

Summer has come, and you are still without manicure? You cannot decide which color or pattern choose? Do you want the mood to look at the nails? Then be sure to read this article.

Today we will talk about the most stylish, most original manicure, which is fashionable this summer. The current manicure masters presented a huge number of colorful ideas that are suitable for every girl. Below are the most relevant options for the 2016 summer manicure, it is with the Fox gel lacquer that your nails will always look great.

For lovers of all natural, masters are advised to make manicure a bodily color, this color will betray naturalness to your nails. You can also paint your nails with gently – pink varnish, which will give you elegance.

The leader of the summer of 2016 is a manicure in which part of the plate remains not covered, more precisely, the element that you have chosen is drawn, but not painted over. Be – if a month, circle or any other pattern.

From last year’s summer season, a coating in the style of geometric shapes remained in fashion. True lovers of gel varnish still prefer to apply squares, circles, ovals and triangles on their nails. It is believed that only bold girls can afford such a manicure. If you are this, then, without hesitation, make such a coating.

Coral color is in fashion again. It was Coral that was fashionable that year, such a color of nails could be found in every second lady. You can apply such varnish both on the entire nail, and make any drawing or it is perfect for French manicure.

For lovers of strict style, this summer it is fashionable to paint nails with black. A matte shade is perfect for this option, it will give the piquancy to your nails. If you get tired of walking all summer with black nails, do not worry, this summer you can apply all dark tones, whether it be glossy or matte coating.

If you like strips, then especially for you this summer, such a manicure is considered stylish. The strips can be applied both blackly white, and by any flowers. It will be enough to paint one horizontal or vertical strip, and you will be in trend.

The combination of matte coating and glossy coating also looks stylish this summer, as well as applying ombre, or, speaking, in other words, gradient. This is when one tone of varnish goes into another color, for example, from dark to lighter application.

If you signed up for a manicure, then think carefully which drawing or color you want to do, and go boldly with this thought and apply gel varnish, most importantly, in time of the procedure, do not change your mind to another version of manicure.