Macaron casserole with chicken with tomatoes and cheese

I saw the recipe for casserole from pasta for a long time, where, unfortunately, I do not remember. The amount of necessary products seemed so memorable to me that I have never saved this recipe anywhere. Moreover, I cook such a casserole often and always in different performance. I will describe, perhaps, my favorite recipe for pasta.

We will need:

Pack of pasta – it will be necessary to need half a pack (I have macarone makfa)

Boiled chicken ham – 1 pc.,

Cherry tomatoes – pieces 7,

Cream 10% – 200 ml,

Egg – 1 pc,

Green onions, dill – 30 grams,

Onions – 1 pc.,

Cheese – 50 g,

Salt, pepper – to taste,

Vegetable oil – to lubricate a baking sheet


Boil pasta, but not to the end, t. e. it is necessary that they are slightly harsh, t. To. Then we will remove them to bake in the oven, because it is necessary that they do not digest and not be baked.

We free the boiled ham from the bone, cut the chicken into small pieces, fry it over low heat with onions, my cherry tomatoes and cut in half, rub the cheese on a coarse grater, finely cut green onions and dill and dill.

Pour the cream into a deep bowl, add an egg, salt and pepper this mixture to them, beat with a fork.

In a greased with vegetable oil, lay out pasta for baking, lay the chicken with onion-tin on top, then tomatoes, greens, stir so that all the ingredients are located evenly. Then pour the mixture of cream and eggs on top, sprinkle with grated cheese.

This set of products is sent to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 10 minutes before the melting of cheese. Our dish is ready, we already take out the pasta from the furnace and boldly carry it to the table set for dinner or dinner until our dish cooled.