Onion salad

As a child, I loved fried onions very much, I can now probably (sorry for the expression). 🙂 But it’s not about me.

Onhum onions, of course, contains vitamins, as well as phytoncides, therefore it is so necessary and useful for our nutrition. In addition, this vegetable contains carbohydrates, essential oils and minerals.

The onion is subjected to the following culinary processing: it is removed from the root lobe and the dried part of the stem, cleaned of the integumentary husk and washed. When the onion dries, cut into pieces of the desired size. Store onions in coolness, the room should be dry and dark.

On onion salad with vegetable oil

Cut onion rings. It is good to scald with boiling water, this is necessary in order for bitterness to leave. Swell with salt and oil.

On onion salad with apples

300 g onions, 2 (with sourness) apple, 100 g of sour cream, cut green onions 1 t. spoon.

Sunnered onions and apples to season with sour cream, sugar, pepper, salt. All spices taste. Sprinkle with green onions.

Onion salad with greens and eggs

3 eggs, 130 g of mayonnaise, onion on 150 g, a little greenery.

Cut the onion into strips. To remove bitterness, you can rinse it with cold water, and then scald with boiling water. Chop the eggs. Combine onions, eggs, mayonnaise and chopped greens in the salad bowl.

In addition to onion, green is also in demand all year round. It is used as a dressing for soups and salads, pies filling. For eating, take fresh young bulbs with roots and a bundle of green leaves. Well, just a storehouse of vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral salts and proteins. Prepare for the family useful salads from green onions, provide all vitamins.

Green onion salad and dill

Green onions and dill chopped smaller and salt. Cut the boiled eggs too finely. By the way, the salad will be tastier if the eggs are used baked. Mix a couple of raw yolks with sour cream. Put the onions with dill, eggs and pour a sour cream dressing in a salad bowl. Decorate at will.

Green onion and cottage cheese

150 g of onions, 300 g of sour cream and cottage cheese.

Fixed onion mix with cottage cheese, salt and densely water with sour cream. Cottage cheese can be replaced with soft cheese. Cut it with cubes and mix everything.

Green onion and apples salad

200 g of green onions, 2-3 apples, estron, vegetable oil pair. tablespoons, sugar, salt.

Cut the onion into pieces, 1 cm. Apples – strips. I forgot to mention that it is to take apples of sour varieties. Mix everything with salt, vegetable oil and sugar. Already in the salad bowl to sprinkle with finely chopped floral leaves. The salad will also give a completely different taste, if you take plums instead of apples.

You can’t get around your attention on the bow, which consists of a white stem (which is eaten) cylindrical shape and long large green leaves. The green part is used in young plants.

Salad from a leek with apples and salty cucumbers

Half of a kilo of bow, 2 salty cucumbers, 3 apples, a can of mayonnaise (you can glass of sour cream), mustard 1 t. spoon, spices to taste.

Throat chop in thin circles. Peel and pass the apples and cucumbers through the grater, that is, grate and better. Set with mayonnaise or sour cream.

Friends, cook salads from onions, fill yourself with vitamins and be healthy! 🙂 Well, if there are opponents of onion among you, then it can be on a salad of fresh cucumbers?