Anti -cellulite underwear

Anti -cellulite underwear is a linen that can be worn constantly, if you wish to lose weight. Such anti -cellulite underwear is made of elastic fabric, tightly adjacent to the body, which becomes not noticeable under the clothes.

The outer layer, anti -cellulite linen, formed Likera, which contributes to the creation of the “sauna” effect, and later, the skin begins to warm up. With this heating, intracellular metabolism increases, and an action takes place that removes excess fluids and toxins. The inner surface that is in contact with the skin is made of 100pre cotton, which does not irritate the skin and supplies the greatest comfort.

Wearing anti -cellulite linen affects the main causes of the origin of cellulite. As a result – fat burning, resumption of elasticity and elasticity of the dermis. But we must not forget, the stay of the bath or sauna, you should not put on the linen immediately. This fact is due to the fact that the capillaries are greatly expanded from heating, and this effect is harmful to the circulatory-vascular system.