Green peas puree soup culinary recipe with photo

Today we will prepare a very interesting soup puree made of green peas. This recipe for cooking is surprisingly simple, and the soup made of peas is very tasty, and most importantly. Try cooking this soup on hot summer days.

Necessary ingredients:

– 300 gr. Chicken fillet

– 1 liter of mineral water.

– 200 gr. fat cream

– 250 gr. potatoes.

– 400 gr. green peas (you can take canned)

– 50 gr. butter 60%

– Large onion

Recipe for cooking soup-puree made of green peas

Rinse chicken fillets, onions and potatoes. Carefully cut the contents with small cubes.

Bring the water in the pan to a boil, salt to taste, put the prepared mass and cook everything until readiness. Then, pull out the meat.

Canned green peas, butter, add to a decoction and boil for 3 minutes, then set aside over fine heat for 5 minutes.

We take it off to a blender, add the liquid (by 400 grams. – 400 ml) in which it was cooked, and a little olive oil. We grind very well.

Then add the cream and mix abundantly.

Enjoy your meal!