Candy “prunes in chocolate” Culinary recipe with photo

Soft sour prunes and crispy nuts inside, black chocolate and delicate coconut … The candies are “prunes in chocolate”, prepared according to our recipe, will certainly become your favorite!

In order to prepare these wonderful sweets, the following ingredients are needed:

250 grams of prunes

80 grams of walnuts

100 grams of coconut chip

150 grams of black chocolate

1 tbsp. a spoonful of milk

Recipe for making sweets “Bunny in chocolate”

First, pour the prunes with boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, wash and leave to dry. We fill the prunes with nuts.

Having melted chocolate in a water bath, add milk and stir until a homogeneous consistency.

We plunge the prunes into chocolate, and then roll it in coconut chips.

Put the finished prunes on a plate covered with foil, and leave in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Over time, we get sweets from the refrigerator and begin to enjoy an amazing treat.

This is all for today, I think you will be delighted with these sweets.

Bon appetit!