How to choose a baby stroller?

The choice of the first transport for the baby requires a responsible, attentive attitude. You will have to use the stroller almost daily, it should withstand all the tests with dignity. It is also important to create comfort for the child, convenience for the mother, for which the stroller will be a permanent companion for a long time. In a large assortment of children’s strollers, you need to find a product that will perfectly meet the medical requirements, personal preferences and conditions in which it will be operated.

The first factor to decide when choosing is the design of the stroller. It can be a cradle or transformer. Models that are able to transform from the cradle into a walking option, provide the opportunity to save money. Otherwise they are significantly inferior to classic cradle. This is especially true for the convenience for the child.

Transformers do not provide the correct position of the baby’s spine, therefore it is necessary to additionally lay a blanket or mattress to the bottom to create a flat surface. In addition, such designs have cracks in which the wind penetrates, dust. The advantages of the transformer, however, include convenience in transportation and storage in a small apartment, since these strollers easily add.

Baby-noodles are produced in different configurations. In addition to the classic model, you can choose a stroller to which the walking option is additionally attached. There are also sets “3 in 1”, supplemented by car seats. CAM carriage strollers, for example, are offered precisely in such a configuration. When choosing it is worth considering the time the baby’s birth is. If the birth of a child falls on the fall, the beginning of winter, by the summer the baby will grow up and a walking stroller will be needed for him. Special models are much more convenient, lighter, more maneuverable than those that are installed on the cradle chassis.

When choosing a stroller, you need to take into account the conditions for its storage. Parents living in multi -storey buildings must be carefully measured in the elevator and its door to ensure convenient carriage transportation before buying children’s transport. It will not be superfluous and the doorways were measured in the apartment. By its weight, the product should not be too burdensome for the mother, especially if the elevator is not in the house and you will have to raise the stroller on the stairs.

It is necessary to take into account the quality, type of road surface on which walks will take place. Uneven surfaces, the need to cross the borders, require high -quality depreciation, which will protect the baby from inconvenience, will create comfort for him. Increased cross -country ability, the possibility of overcoming snowdrifts, dirt will provide wide large -diameter rubber wheels. Representatives of models of this class are Roan strollers.

It is worth paying attention to additional accessories. The basket will be needed for the baby’s purchases and things, you can put the child’s nutrition, napkins, diapers, a mosquito grid will protect from insects from insects, and t.D.