Indifference and lack of interest in almost everything that surrounds a person is called as apathy, on the same topic it will be possible to add that with apathy there is a lack of desire for any activity.

Apatia has pronounced symptoms expressing indifference and as the specialists of this area are the symptoms of apathy, belong to the group of basic symptoms of schizophrenia.

With apathy, there is no tension, and the irritability of a person opposite everything leads to complete indifference and the lack of interest in everything that happens.

It is also worth considering the external signs of apathy and this, first of all, is the indifference of a person to other people and to everything around, passivity, as well as the lack of need to love and be loved. Despite all the above external signs of apathy, you should not think that an apathetic person has completely no emotions and any feelings.

Pleasure or on the contrary, the complete lack of pleasure is not in any way to touch on an apathetic person in any way in the life of an apathetic person in any way, does not affect him, with apathy there is a depreciation of everything that could and everything that could be. Apatic state can mainly be caused by damage to the human brain.