Every year it can be noted that the number of arthritis suffers only increases, according to the experts of this vast field, if all this will continue at the same pace, most likely arthritis can already be considered the most common disease.

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Arthritis can imply both inflammation of the joints and joint damage, this unpleasant and very common disease can become both the main and additional, for example, an arthritis that develops against the background of any other diseases of the body.

As we became aware of the words of the specialists of this field, arthritis can occur both in acute and in chronic form, the disease can affect one or simultaneous, a whole articular region with its presence, in the second case we are already about polyarthritis, that is, its expanded form.

The disease, as we first said, is able to develop against the background of any other disease, tuberculosis, brucellosis, metabolic disorders of the body, severe injuries and gout can become the cause of arthritis, and gout can be.

In this area, in terms of arthritis, specialists of our days are conducted research, and the study of new methods of treatment of the disease that could improve the patient’s condition with arthritis.